Monday, April 27, 2009

If Only You Were

So we are getting ready to move. Which unfortunately means that we (and when I say we what I really mean is I) have to sell our house. This has raised mixed emotions in me most of them leading to anxiety/panic attacks. I really love it here and I am really excited to go to our next station. But with an absent husband as I am about to put the house on the market the up keep of the three kiddos has seemed to be all consuming lately. Usually if there room is messy and we are expecting company I just close the door and tell them that it is off limits and forbid them to open the door. Well the mess escalated and migrated to the basement recently. I couldn't walk down the stairs without thinking to myself "KABOOM" and because I couldn't help myself I always say it out loud. Well in my efforts to declutter for the selling and downsize for the moving I have recently tackled each room individually. When the room is sparkling and spotless I proceed to make threats about the upkeep of said room. That worked for a while, longer than I expected really, until just recently when I had to concentrate on other projects in the house to further prepare it for sale. One night last week, after a long day of projecting, my brother (he's here helping with the house projects while my husband is gone) and I were "encouraging" the kids to clean up the mess of the day. Warren, my brother, was talking to Adeline trying to motivate her to work quickly. Her response, "Uncle Warren I'm not a miracle worker."