Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Little Game I Like To Call Catch Up

So much has happened that I just haven't had time to write about. Life is funny that way. So I'll hit the highlights and be done with it.
We spent the first weekend of November in Germany at a resort called Edelweiss. It is in the Bavarian part of southern Germany. It was beautiful. Not really in the traditional sense. All the leaves had already fallen and the snow hadn't come yet. Everything was still green and because of the leaves being gone we were able to see all the beautiful villages that would have otherwise been hidden away.
It was the kids' first experience flying on Ryan Air and they all did fabulously, a good trial run for our trip to Hawaii in December. And we were able to pack all our things into the required one carry on per person.
When we arrived in Germany the nice car rental lady after seeing our brood, gave us a larger car in the same class. This came back to bite us less than an hour later. We were happily traveling on the autobahn when the sliding door next to our youngest flew open.
As you can imagine since we were on the autobahn and my husband was driving we were not going slow.
Luckily all turned out fine. As I was clinging on to him for dear life, Kevin was able to safely pull over.
AJ was them relocated to the middle seat. And since the car came with no child locks the other two were given strict instructions not to touch the door handles. This of course made them immediately irresistible to our daughter.
Since the theory of whether or not the doors could be opened while we were moving had already been tested, she decided we needed to know if the doors could open while moving even if the door was locked.
They did.
The rest of the vacation was a bit more uneventful.
We saw Neuschwanstein, did some window shopping in Oberammergau, went up the Zugspitze, went to the salt mine in Salzburg, the Sound of Music house and the Salzburg fortress, and saw the Glockenspiel in Munich.
But the highlight of the whole trip was that there wasn't a pothole or dip in any road. Talk about the pinnacle of German engineering. I think I'm ready to move.
We had friends over for Thanksgiving and the beginning of December seems to have gone by in a blur.
Now to gear up for our mid-December marathon trip to my parents' house in Hawaii!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

As It Turns Out..

I may not be as computer savvy as I have always considered myself. Not that I can make my computer jump up and do cartwheels on demand but I have always felt fairly confident in my web navigation skills. And thanks to Kevin, I am usually up to date on new browsers or other forms of technology, although I have pushed back against owning a smart phone for some time now. I just don't feel like I should have to pay that much to access the web on a tiny mobile device, but I digress.
The point of this post was to thank all those that have emailed my their comments on my previous posts.
See this whole time I thought no one was listening/reading and I was totally fine with doing this for myself and Kevin, I love to hear him laugh at my interpretation of the happenings of our lives.
But as it turns out there are some of you out there. And the comments that you send, although to this point have gone into the black hole that is my gmail account, will now be noticed on my radar. I had no idea that you were sending things in response to what I put out there.
So I apologize and say thank you for reading my lowly blog if only to laugh along with us and commiserate along side us.
It turns out I love to hear from you too and will be more diligent in checking that account.
I just wish I could figure out how to let you comment on the page itself but like I said I may not know as much as I thought I did.
Shocking, very shocking.