Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Order of Things

Yesterday a good friend invited us to go bowling with their family. I declined wanting to spend the only night of the week that I didn't have to be in my car, well, not in my car.
Ironically when my husband arrived home he almost immediately remembered that he had to go back to work to do something that would take him ten minutes to do but couldn't wait until tomorrow. Knowing this would interfere with any **cough, cough** dinner plans that I had in the works, he turns to me and says, "We can go bowling and eat there."
So we all hope in the car and head out to get some work done.
My plan was to have the kids watch a movie in the car while I read a book that I had strategically placed in my bag on the way out.
Kevin's plan was to punish me by insisting that all the kids go into his office and watch a movie in there so they could "practice" being good and earn the privilege of going to the bowling alley for dinner.
After 15minutes of him trying to get the sound to work on the TV and me trying to get the kids to stop twirling in the office chairs, I was ready to throw in the towel and take the kids back to the car where I could strap them down and make them immobile.
Instead we turned to a box of crayons.
Kevin was able to finish up quickly and we headed out to the bowling alley. This brought on a whole discussion of who would get the privilege of being first to hurl a florescent ball down the lane.
Eli wanted to go first and AJ wanted to go first...nobody could decide if the oldest should go first or if the youngest should go first. This resulted in a breakdown of communication and everyone yelling "I'm first" all at the same time. Everyone that is except for Addie.
In a lull between the shouting it was decided that they would redo the shouting and whoever said it first time would win.
They counted down and two tied for the "I'm first" shout and there was an unexpected taker for second. While Eli and AJ came up with the "I'm first" tie, Addie came safely into second by exclaiming at the same time, "I'm second!"
I decided we should go bowling more often.

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