Monday, January 4, 2010

O Christmas Tree

AJ, my three year old, might have a bit of OCD. He becomes completely fascinated and fixated on certain things and there is no stopping him.
Well this Christmas he turned his fascination towards the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.
Now our tree isn't the type with all coordinating balls, bows, and other bobbles. We have made it a family tradition to collect Christmas ornaments from all of our travels and vacations. It makes the tree very personal and I love how it is a storybook of our lives.
This year we laid out all the travel ornaments and put them on the tree one by one reminding the kids where we got each one. It was fabulous to see them remember the small details from each of those times spent together as a family.
The kids also have their individual ornaments that are usually a gift from the grandparents. Two of these were the center of AJ's world for several weeks and both of them belonged to his older brother. One was a hallmark Buzz Lightyear, complete with buttons for sound, and the other a Blue Han Solo M&M that Eli's Grandma Gibson acquired for him from an ornament exchange we attended together in Wichita.

The Buzz Lightyear turned out to be very well made and only ended up suffering a single leg amputation below the knee.
The Blue M&M on the other hand (no pun intended) started off by loosing both of his hands. After they were repaired and re-hung they disappeared again, this time suffering from a total loss of both arms and one leg. After more super glue was applied and they were once again re-hung, a little higher up on the tree, they mysteriously vanished again. This time one foot one leg and both arms needed the healing powers of the Super Glue.
After their last re-constructive surgery they entered into the "Christmas Ornament Relocation Program" and were hung at the top of the back of the tree. Here they lived out the rest of the Christmas season peacefully until the taking down of the tree a week later.
I'm sure next year, when he is a year older and wiser too, this won't be a problem. Until then I think it would be prudent to invest in 3M stocks.

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