Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Abbreviated Life

Kevin left for some training back in the states today and last night it had me thinking about all the abbreviations and acronyms that I have to deal with, not only in everyday life but over his whole Air Force career. I just wanted to jot a few down and see what you thought. So, let's start at the beginning.
In 2003 Kevin graduated from ASU. And having completed ROTC commissioned with the USAF.
Shortly thereafter we PCSed to Moody AFB in Valdosta, GA. Where he abandoned me (not really but that is how I fondly remember it) after two weeks to go to ASBC at Maxwell AFB, AL. When he got home he began IFT which he successfully completed six months later and began UPT. When done with that we PCSed again to Laughlin AFB, TX to continue with SUPT. When we got there we decided to divide and conquer. I took the two kids we had at the time and went to UT to work on my BGS from BYU. Having survived all that with only one prolonged DNIF, Kevin attended SERE school and water survival (which they I think is about the only thing they haven't come up with an acronym for) and then we went TDy to Altus AFB, OK for MFT. After which we PCSed to McConnell AFB, KS where we managed to stay put for about four years.
(All of those moves and training were done between May 2003 and Nov 2005)
When we got to McConnell Kevin had to go through MCAT so he could officially fly the KC-135R at the 350th ARS. And as was becoming the norm, he again abandoned me two months after our arrival to go TDy to the desert where he was temporarily assigned to the 179th EARS. He did that two times the first year we were there. He then went through AC upgrade, and CFIC and two more deployments before we left four years after our arrival.
Not to be out done, shortly after we PCSed to RAF Mildenhall, where he was assigned to the 351st ARS here in England, Kevin again deserted me to go back to the US to attend SOS. Which brings us current to his departure for the US again this morning to attend AIS in OKC.
Now these are all the acronyms I have had to learn for his career, but there are also a lot that I deal with in day to day life. Here are a few.
I shop at the BX and the DECA Commissary. If I want to work out (hahaha) I go to the HaWC. If I want child care for my kids they would go to the CDC. The American schools are called DoD schools. I drive a POV which restricts me from going certain places on the base. The SP checks my ID as I go through the gate. I know my sponsors SSN, DOB and duty phone by heart. I have belonged to several OSCs. I know that the QCS at the TMO is your friend when they are carelessly tossing your boxes onto a moving truck. With this last move I had UAB, HHG, and storage items to separate. And the list goes on.
So this kind of brings me to a funny story.
The other day Eli needed family participation with his math homework. He was supposed to ask us what we thought of the different temperatures of things that are found around our house. So he started reading the list and we commented on each one. Then he got to E-T-C. I asked him to repeat what he said. He again said E-T-C. I was baffled. I was about to chalk it up to some strange English thing when my husband said "Do you mean etcetera? etc."

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